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Our Story


Tsukihoshi’s Story

It all began in 1873 when two humble shoemakers, Unpei and Moto Kurata, opened a shop with one goal in mind: to make the perfect “Tabi Shoes.” These traditional Japanese sock-shoes have split toes allowing your feet to flex freely and maintain tactile contact with the ground as if barefoot, offering ideal conditions for healthy feet.


The Moon & Stars Above

Unpei and Moto worked tirelessly, often laboring past sunset to improve and perfect their shoemaking art. Late at night, they would look up to the moon and stars shining above for courage, strength and inspiration.

When it was time to introduce their shoes to the world, they named their company Tsukihoshi (ski-ho-shi), or “MoonStar,” as a tribute to their muses in the sky. The “double circle” used in the Tsukihoshi logo visually depicts Unpei and Moto’s story.


Tradition & Innovation

For over 140 years, Tsukihoshi has continued to perfect the art and craft of shoemaking that originated with Tabi Shoes. The company has evolved techniques, technologies and designs through the years, but has remained true to Unpei and Moto’s original mission: making comfortable, fun shoes that give your children’s toes the freedom to move.


Fun and comfortable shoes that give childrens’ toes the freedom to move.

Tsukihoshi’s shoes are some of the best sneakers you can buy for your kids!

— Susan Simon, Disney Family

I absolutely fell in love with Tsukihoshi Children’s Shoes!

— Briann Neely, The Bragging Mommy